Management (Preliminary Edition)
(Cengage Learning, 2012) 

In response to the changing business landscape, this textbook proposes a shift from traditional Principles of Management textbooks in that it takes a more holistic and integrated approach.


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cover image for Reorganize for Resilience

Reorganize for Resilience
 (Harvard Business Press, 2010) 

In Reorganize for Resilience, strategy and organizational behavior expert Ranjay Gulati reveals how “resilient” companies—those that prosper both in good times and bad—are driving growth and increasing profitability by immersing themselves in the lives of their customers.


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cover of Kellogg on Technology and Innovation

Kellogg on Technology & Innovation
(Wiley Publishing, 2002) 

In Kellogg on Technology and Innovationthree of Kellogg’s leading technology gurus, along with their students, examine the exciting technologies of the near future from a business perspective and provide an overview of the lure and promise of these emerging domains.


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Managing Network Resources: Alliances, Affiliations and Relational Assets
 (Oxford University Press, 2007)

The book synthesizes Gulati's influential work on network dynamics from the last fifteen years, and presents the key findings from this extensive body of research. Gulati's insights are important for scholars, students, and practitioners interested in the behavior of firms in an increasingly networked economy.


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cover of TechVenture

TechVenture: New Rules on Value and Profit from Silicon Valley
 (Wiley Publishing, 2001) 

Drawn from the popular TechVenture program at the Kellogg School of Management, this book provides a deep understanding of the key finance and business trends in e-commerce, viewing Silicon Valley as a test lab for e-commerce strategies.


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